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Benjamin & Anne Sophie – France

We got on a plane & travelled to one of our favorite places in the world; France, to document Benjamin & Anne Sophie’s wedding celebrations

Campbell & Bianca

We packed our bags & headed for the mountains down by the Atlantic ocean to document campbell & bianca’s weekend wedding in Elands bay, situated

Damiane & Michelle

It was an exceptional day when Michelle & Damiane made the most sacred promise they have ever made. We’ve been friends with Damiane for a

Jonathan & Rozanne

We spent a winters afternoon with Rozanne & Jono in Pretoria, South-Africa for their engagement shoot session.

Guy & Ploy

We traveled down to a small town, Calitzdorp in the Karoo, to document the founders & creaters - of hoi'ploy guy & ploy's wedding weekend

Damiane & Michelle

We spent an afternoon just before sunset with Damiane & Michelle on a rooftop in Pretoria.