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Damiane & Michelle

It was an exceptional day when Michelle & Damiane made the most sacred promise they have ever made. We’ve been friends with Damiane for a

Damiane & Michelle

We spent an afternoon just before sunset with Damiane & Michelle on a rooftop in Pretoria.

Kristof & Ciske

Shooting in autumn is our favourite. We love the warm sunset light and nature's colors. You might recognize this beautiful bride from television.

Willem & Joanine

Willem & Joanine celebrated their wedding day in our hometown, pretoria. On this day they promised to love each other with the deepest of love.

Cliff & Lila

Cliff and Lila got married in the heart of Johannesburg at the Forum, Turbine Hall.

Nelius & Elani

Family and friends came together to celebrate this day with Elani & Nelius in the Maboneng district in Johannesburg, South-Africa.