Life is filled with moments. No matter how big or small they are, it’s the ones we share with those we love dearly that truly matter. These are the moments that live in our hearts forever. Often details are fleeting. Memories fade over time and capturing those special, shared moments on camera, is an unique honor.


We adhere to a natural documentary style of photography and avoid traditional wedding poses at all costs. As artists, we believe in telling stories in a natural, unadorned light. We prefer to enhance the beauty of real life, rather than “setting a stage”. Taking photos that will always remind us to treasure love, family, friendship and the sweetness of celebrating life. Life is indeed a wild journey and it should be celebrated.

Using natural light as our backdrop and focusing on key details – we play with emotion, style, minimalism, raw beauty, nature, true character and behind the scenes moments. Our philosophy is to curate a tale of people doing life together. We want to document your true personality. Your heart and soul.


We want to document people as the individuals they truly are. Capturing the tiny little details is what we are all about, even if it means catching your nephew red-handed behind the cake table. Everyone has a beautiful story to tell. That’s what makes life so precious. We want to tell your story, in your way. Giving you photos that will take you back to that special day and create special memories that will last for generations.


Do you only document weddings ?

Our core business is focused on weddings… but we also do lifestyle, family, maternity, couple and engagement shoots.

How far in advance must we book ?

The sooner the better. We usually have clients booking anything from 3months up to 16months before their wedding. It is important that you book well in advance, especially during summer months. We are able to take a booking up at any time, provided we have that date available.

How far are you willing to travel ?

We travel worldwide for weddings and shoots. Due to the nature of our business our travel costs are added onto your package fee.

What are your travel requirements ?

For destination weddings; we require our traveling costs as well as accommodation to be covered, either on our behalf or additionally invoiced for.

Is there a deposit fee ?

We work with a specially designed price-list system that allows you to choose the package and add-ons that you need. Once you’ve made your selection, we require a 50% deposit to secure your booking. Last payment will only be after your shoot / wedding.

Do you use film ?

Because of the advances in technology and digital photography we rarely shoot in film. But we use state of the art equipment that allows us to capture digital images that are of an even better quality than that of film photography. We have photographed with film on request as an extra at weddings.

Will we get a wedding album ?

We design & print beautiful fine art wedding albums. Albums are included in some of our packages and can also be added additionally to your package of choice before or after your wedding.

Do we receive the images digitally ?

We supply all the edited photographs high resolution. We use a trusted courier for delivery if collection at our studio in pretoria is not an option. International clients’ packages are sent via DHL or uploaded online.

How many photographers will be at my wedding ?

We are always two photographers at your wedding.

Do you have any add-on services?

Yip, we have a range of dedicated awesome services and add-on features explained in detail on our price-list.

Can we get a custom package ?

Because we allow you to choose the services and products you need, our price-list is specially designed to help you tailor your own custom package. We do have basic set-up packages, but you can easily chop and change items to better suit your specific needs. Please chat to us via email.

What is included in your package ?

Our basic package starts with 8hour wedding documentation and are tailored up to 12hours. You have an option to take your package with or without album(s). We also offer a few extra beautiful printed add-on’s to your package.



Over the years we have made some amazing friends in the industry. Here are the ones that we absolutely adore and love to work with…