Deon & Zinelda

We had the special privilege of documenting our closest friends’ wedding day. They hold a special place in our hearts. Their day took place at “Die Ou Melkstal” which is an awe-inspiring venue setting on the farm “Rhenosterfontein”, located in the beautiful Losberg area in Fochville, North West, which belongs to Zinelda’s family.


With both of us being by their side as a groomsmen & bridesmaid, Nelis flew down from Cape-Town to assist us with this one. Nelis is Werner’s brother and has been working with us since we started taking wedding photos. He covered the venue shots and all of us getting ready and together the three of us teamed up for the rest of the day.


Zinelda is an accomplished children’s book illustrator and Deon a renowned musician / songwriter; their wedding was filled with inspiring attention to small detail, artistic flair and music… lots of music.


The guys’ floral ties & bridesmaids’ skirts were hand-made by Zinelda’s mom. Mariaan made the delicate bouquets for the bride & bridesmaids, as well as the groomsmen’s boutonnieres adding berries and wildflowers from the farm’s garden. Zinelda laughed with the girls, painted her nails red & sipped on champagne in a Blooming Blushes gown. She dreamt of a wedding with berry colors; marsala, reds & all sorts of purples, persian carpets, white orchids, chicken curry for dinner ( it’s their favorite ) & a red velvet wedding cake for dessert… and everything was as she wanted it!


The ceremony took place outside, overlooking the farm in the background. Their Marriage Covenant was marked with salt to affirm their intentions and commitment. The importance of SALT is marked many times in the Bible as a symbol of flavor, preservation, righteousness, truth and eternal commitment.

By blessing their vow to each other with salt, they promised to preserve these values in every element of their marriage. “You’re here to be salt-seasoning that brings out the God-flavours of this earth. If you lose your saltiness, how will people taste godliness?” – Matthew 5:16 (MSG)


After the ceremony guests enjoyed Deon & Zinelda’s favourite wine with a selection of decadent nougat and chocolate while Deon made music with a few friends; his Glaskas band members, some close industry friends as well as Bouwer Bosch his partner in the duo act Dans Dans Lisa.


We literally chased the sun during their couple shoot session, nature definitely shared in their excitement… we had strong winds, dark clouds, a few drops of rain & an African sunset all in the short little time we got to spent with them before the party started! Deon delivered a beautiful speech, his words were kind, deep, from the heart & had many in tears. Being part of the process when friends are getting married is a privilege and after many wedding detail chats over dinner with these two… having the day finally arrived; we were so honored and excited to document it for them.


We can write endless paragraphs about how awesome these two people are, how much they love each other and how much we treasure their kind hearts & friendship… but we hope to share a little bit of you two with these photos… We are excited about the future with you. We are blessed to have you as friends. We were privileged to have been able to document your most beautiful day for you. We wish you lots of music, love and adventures ahead.


“Love is like playing music. First you must learn to play by the rules, then you must forget the rules and play from your heart. “ author unknown


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