Danél & baby Anán

Mariaan spent a lovely afternoon with baby girl Anán, daughter to Danél & Jacques de Villiers ( Joshua na die Reën ). We also documented Jacques & Danél’s wedding day a few years back… so having them invite us to do a mom&baby shoot with their little one a few years later was quite special! It was a life changing moment for Danél & Jacques when Anán came into the world & left these two young parents with more love than they have ever thought was possible.

Little Anán played, giggled & cuddled the entire afternoon, she even smiled when her mom changed her diaper while playing Jacques’ music in the background! The few little excitement tears also made for some real moments on camera. In this humble & loving home a little girl is loved with the deepest of love, hugged with the deepest of emotion and cared for with the greatest of joy by a her beautiful new mom; Danél.


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