When we first started picture me& u, we knew we wanted to do something different… something unique, something mesmerizing. With both of us being creative designers in our own right, we each had our own sense of style and unique perspective to contribute. But as a collective we shared a common vision when it came to love and how to tell the stories of life through a lens. We didn’t merely want to take wedding photos, we wanted to capture life as it really happened. Natural moments shared between people in a modern and artistic way. A sense of self, a sense of soul, a sense of sweetness.


When we started out, our aim was to take creative pictures… but over the years picture me&u has grown with us to become so much more, and in essence, has developed into who we are as people. We are all about family and friends. We love spending quality time with those close to us & hanging out with all sorts of cool people. Be it around a fireplace or a dinner table, on a mountain top, by the sea, on a couch with a guitar or in a creative studio…

But most of all we love LOVE!


We’ve always believed that true love is a big deal and that it should be treasured. Life’s a journey for us all… We are blessed to not only love what we do but also get to travel far and wide across our own country and the globe, which is pure bliss for two kids with incurable #Wanderlust! Over the years we’ve had many adventures and our journey has even lead to welcoming other creatives to the team.


From capturing love in the sweet serenity of nature; to celebrating life in the urban jungle, from intimate family moments at home to the glamour of stars at celebrity parties… we’ve been so fortunate to portray the sheer whimsy of life as we collect moments on our path. Picture me&u started many years ago when our very own love story began. And now… we would love to tell your story.