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Campbell & Bianca

We packed our bags & headed for the mountains down by the Atlantic ocean to document campbell & bianca’s weekend wedding at Vensterklip in Elands bay, situated in the Western Cape, South-Africa. Campbell & Bianca’s wild + free spirited hearts captivated ours, we loved how you two embraced the offshore winds on your wedding day & it shows in the pictures! Wind symbolizes the act of change or the bringing in the new and sweeping out the old.


Though the dried up dam, that served as our backdrop, inspired some gorgeous pictures during their couple shoot session… our hearts go out to Cape-Town during the drought crisis they are currently undergoing.


Run away with me

Lost souls and reverie

Running wild and running free

Two kids, you and me


Renegades – X Ambassadors


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while you scroll through their wedding story…




Damiane & Michelle

It was an exceptional day when Michelle & Damiane made the most sacred promise they have ever made. We’ve been friends with Damiane for a few years & he is the most genuine, incredibly kind hearted person. When Michelle came into his life… a beautiful, new & very exciting adventure started.


We were overjoyed when he contacted us to document their wedding day. They celebrated their wedding day at 012central which is in the heart of Pretoria, South-Africa. It is a creative inner city space surrounded by city scapes & urban structures. They’re both creatives & made, planned & created everything for their wedding day themselves.


Crutches made their wedding day story even more interesting… Damiane hurt his foot the night before hanging leaves from the roof & even had a quick trip to the hospital the morning of his wedding! We loved all the illustration details, the confetti poppers, socks for wedding gifts & the doughnuts were the best we’ve had in a long time.


You have made each other better humans, you’re best friends & compliment each other so amazingly. You are now ‘home’ to each other & may you both grow in ways that you have never imagined. We had a great time working and celebrating with you!

Always love each other endlessly as you did on this day…



Jonathan & Rozanne

We spent a winters afternoon with Rozanne & Jono in Pretoria, South-Africa for their engagement shoot session. Rozanne loved listening to Jono play his guitar, they chatted, had coffee & shared a few kisses while we captured all these beautiful moments in the background.

We’ll be documenting their winter wedding in South-Africa in less than a month & images like these makes us excited for what we’ll be able to document with the full wedding day we’ll get to spent with them & the ones they love dearly!


Guy & Ploy

Shooting a creative’s wedding is always a big honor for us. Guy & Ploy are the owners of Hoi P’loy – the most beautiful lighting design company in South Africa. It was such a joy when we first started chatting to them, as we have some of their lighting products in our little home in Pretoria too!


We traveled to Calitzdorp, a beautiful little town in the Klein Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa to document Guy & Ploy’s wedding celebrations with close family & friends. The intimate ceremony & reception all took place at Guy’s parents’ home & art gallery.


They wanted their wedding to be a bit different…


Guy & Ploy made their marriage official & signed their register at the magistrate court in Cape Town & afterwards had a really small get together in their home. a Few days later… guests travelled from all-over the world to Calitzdorp to share in this part of the celebration. They wanted everything about their small wedding celebration day to be as less stressful and relaxed as possible, with no ‘wedding rules’. For us, the most special part of the day was when Guy helped Ploy to get dressed & picked some olive branches from the garden for her to put in her hair.

They held hands & walked down to the church to greet their family & friends before the ceremony started. a Traditional ‘boere orkes’ band played in the background while everyone moved down to the ceremony area. During the ceremony they practiced a beautiful tradition where each guest had a chance to say a personal blessing over them.


The reception space was filled with Hoi P’loy lights & details! Tables were decorated with natural elements… olive branches from the farm’s garden, pomegranates, lemons, pears & figs. Handmade ceramic dinner plates & bowls by Guy’s mom and Ploy added the finishing touches. Guests were treated with a traditional South-African bbq for dinner and homemade cake for dessert. The evening’s celebrations later moved outside where guests watched the moon & danced under the lights and stars…


It was the greatest pleasure working with you two. Thanks for making us part of your very intimate and special day!


Please visit their store to get some of their amazing products – www.hoiploy.com

Enjoy your pictures!



Damiane & Michelle

These 2 beautiful souls are marrying each other today – so we thought it would be really special to also share their engagement shoot on this monday! Damiane has been a dear friend of ours, we’ve worked with him on projects in the past & we’re so happy that he met this beautiful Pretoria girl that makes his heart happy.

Their both creatives in the photography & design industry – so getting asked to document their wedding day is a big honor for us. We spent an afternoon with them, just before sunset, in & on the roof of damiane’s flat just opposite the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

Enjoy your pictures!


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